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Back Door Security

Back door security is an often undervalued and overlooked aspect of home and business security. 66 percent of annual burglaries are residential break ins – demonstrating the essential importance of protecting your front or back door. Here’s a guide to some important measures you can take to implement security protocols at your back door, as prepared by the residential security experts at Golden Locksmith.

Security Cameras

Only seventeen percent of USA homes have security cameras. Residential property without security cameras are nearly three-hundred times more vulnerable to burglary. Make sure to implement visible security cameras at all entrances, including your back door, in order to function as active security and passive deterrent.

Solid Core Backdoors

Decide to get a back door made of fiberglass, metal, and wood. Fiberglass is the best option, as it combines the best attributes of metal and wood. Metal is a budgetary compromise that offers additional durability and quality. Wooden doors are a good option too – but only if it’s made of incredibly hard wood. All these options should have solid cores.


Deadbolts need to extend an inch or more into the opening of the door jamb. Make sure your deadbolt includes a large strike plate with at least four screws – and each screw should be at least 3 inches long. Make sure that all exterior doors to your home are outfit with strong and solid deadbolts.

Keep your back door well lit.

Since residential break ins occur in the USA about every 13 seconds, it’s a great idea to do everything you can to discourage burglars, including deterrent strategies. Keep a bright light on the outside of your home in order to scare away and discourage potential burglars. Keep this light on a timer to make sure it’s on on a daily basis, even when you’re away from home – to make it seem like you are home. A guard dog is also a good idea.