Common Door and Car Lock Problems

Automotive locksmiths regularly deal with a whole variety of car lock issues that affect the ability to enter your car, turn on the engine, or even drive. In this short blog entry, the automotive locksmith experts here at Golden Locksmith will detail some of the typical problems with car door locks that we see in the industry today.

Typical Difficulties With Door and Car Locks

With older car vehicles, from manufacturers like Nissan and Toyota, there may be difficulties with opening the passenger or driver doors as well as turning the key to the ignition. Because there are wafers inside a lock cylinder, the key needs to have newer grooves to activate it. Older keys often are too used to work. If the damage is solely on the key we can help using specialized methods that will save you money. If there is damage on the cylinder we have to replace it with a new one and then also make new door locks to match the ignition locks.

Due to our experience and expertise at auto lock repairs, we can help with different types of vehicles and issues. Whether it is your 2010 Toyota Camry with key issues preventing ignition or a Honda with a passenger door lock that doesn’t work, we can assist you to find the best solution for your budget in a time frame that works for you.

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