Front Door Lock Replacement

Front door lock replacement is a very commonly provided service – but many home and business owners don’t have the proper understanding as to how many important decision factors there are to make when deciding how to replace your front door lock. In this blog entry, the lock installation experts at Golden Locksmith will provide detail as to the many important factors of replacing your home locks.

Absolute Musts for Front Door Lock Replacements

You absolutely need to make sure that the front door has a deadbolt lock, as opposed to the easy to bypass door handle rock. You need to make sure that the locks you are installing on your front door are meant for use on an exterior door, rather than a specialized interior lock like a bathroom lock.

Decide what Security Level you Need

If you live in a building complex that already has constant monitoring and very strong levels of lobby security, you may not find it necessary to install the highest grade security deadbolt at your property – though if you can afford it, it’s probably a good idea anyway just to be safe. You need to make sure that the deadbolt can withstand a degree of force before it fails, and that it can withstand entry attempt like lock picking – and more importantly, the more common practice of lock bumping.

Determine how often you will be using the Lock

If you have constant visitors or reasons to be constantly entering and exiting a door, you may want to get a mortise lock rather than a rim cylinder deadbolt since they are easier to repair after the wear and tear of regular use. You may also want to install a smart lock deadbolt, our preferred choice as it maximizes both security and convenience!

Choose by lock quality rather than simply the Lock Brand

While certain lock brands are more widely known, it’s simply not enough to choose a lock based on a recognizable name. You want to be analyzing the specific lock you want to install for its features and security levels, and the micro differences between it and other comparable locks. Security should be your absolute priority in making your decision.

Electronic Locks

We recommend considering installation of an electronic lock. That being said, there’s many forms of electronic locks to consider. You can choose a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, as well as a Bluetooth smart locks. Smart locks come in biometric fingerprint reading varieties, as well as varieties that allow for codes to be entered on a keypad. Some specialized smart locks allow for temporary key codes to be programmed in that expire after a set amount of time, making it easier for you to allow visitors or workers into your home when you’re not there – and there are even many smart locks that allow you to access, control, and even reprogram your lock remotely when you’re miles and miles away from home!