Securing your Home for the 2020 Holidays

This holiday season, safety, security, and peace of mind matter now more than ever. In this blog post, the residential security experts here at Golden Locksmith will detail some fantastic ways to secure and protect your home during the December 2020 holidays.

Lock all Entrances When you’re Out

We now know lots of people don’t leave the house, but when you do, you need to make sure that all entrance points are locked. While alarm systems can protect your house, they’re useless if a door or window is unlocked. Never hide spare keys under mats or in planters, because trust us, burglars know about that. Make sure that not only your front door is locked, but also your back door, and all accessible windows!


Make sure that your garage is locked – especially if it has a door. If your garage does have a door, make sure it has a strike plate and a deadbolt installed as well. If you park your car in your driveway, don’t leave the garage door opener in your car if you can – and if you do, put it in your glove compartment so it’s not that visible.

Additional Holiday Season Security Tips

  • Install durable high quality locks on your front and back door that have high security deadbolts
  • Install heavy duty strike plates on your doors that can bolster even old or worn out doors
  • Lock your garage door, and make sure all cars parked in your driveway are locked!
  • ALWAYS lock all doors to your home when you leave, and after you arrive at your home.
  • Don’t post pictures of trips on social media, or announce on social media that you’re leaving town – burglars scoping out your house can catch this!
  • Remember to take your car keys with you before leaving your car!