Spring Break Burglaries

Spring is officially here! The encroaching warm weather can provide people a cascading flow of amazing feelings, as well as the very welcome chance to take a Spring vacation, or Spring break. However, while you’re enjoying your Spring break, you want to make sure that your home is properly protected. Burglars and criminals tend to target empty or vacant homes. It’s a fantastic practice to ensure your safety by working in advance to increase your home security infrastructure – so you can truly relax on your Spring break! Here’s some suggestions for Spring break security as prepared by the experts at Golden Locksmith.


Staying Discreet on Spring Break

You don’t want to advertise the fact that you’re going to be going on a vacation to the entire neighborhood. A conspicuously empty or abandoned house is a prime target for burglars, who view it as low hanging tempting fruit. There’s a few facts that you can implement in order to disguise the fact that you are away from home. Lighting is one of them. Put your lights on  timer that will turn your lights on during the evening. This will provide the illusion that you are at home inside, and any passing potential burglar will notice the lights and be discouraged from attempting a break in. Another thing that you can do is ask a trustworthy neighbor, family member, or friend to come by and pick up your mail. A big stack of unopened newspapers and letters at your front door is a sure clue to any criminal that the home is empty, as well as any stacks of delivered packages on your doorstep. If this mail is safely gathered by someone you trust, you will mitigate this potential tempting telltale sign for burglars. We also recommend not publically telling lots of people about your Spring break trip – especially on unsecured public forums like Facebook or Twitter. Not to be paranoid – but yes, don’t mention this loudly out in public either. ,You never know who could be listening.


Security Upgrades

The only way to  make sure that your home security is up to par, when you’re away on Spring break, or even when you’re home (for a staycation, or just regular life once work or school resumes,) is to have your home inspected by a high grade security professional, like those at Golden Locksmiths. Our professional security consultants will help you install trustworthy alarm systems, high security locks, CCTV cameras, and safes – as well as help identify any potential glaring pitfalls in your current home security infrastructure. If any holes in your security net are discovered, our technicians can quickly and successfully correct them in a matter of minutes – and always at a fair, affordable, and competitive price.