The Best Place to Install Safe in Homes

All our valuables are our greatest assets. Hence, for our peace of mind and future safety, it is a smart idea to have safes at home.
Before purchasing a home safe, one you should determine the right place in your home to have it installed. Consider these factors before deciding where to have your home safe installed:
• What items or valuables you want to store in the safe?
• How often will you access your safe for those items?
• The type and heft of the safe you have chosen?
Home Safes that store items that you’ll be required to access often should be installed or kept close to where those items will be used. Else you’ll waste a lot of time making unnecessary trips back and forth. A home vault, for instance, that is used to secure your jewelry should be kept either in the master bedroom, restroom, or closet. You can also place the safe on a pedestal or reinforced shelf to access it easily. But, if you’ve a gun to secure in safe, you’ll likely to keep it on your bedroom.

Safes in home

that stores valuables you need not to access often don’t require being location specific. An out of the way spot, such as storeroom, an unused closet or the garage will work. Home Safes that guard guns or hobby collections can be placed in the office, spare bedroom, garage, a closet or even the family room.
To secure documents, important paper items such as stock certificates, contracts, bills, cash, will, etc. against fire should be placed on a cement floor or against cement walls like garage or basement.
The weight of your safe is also an important consideration. While homes safes under 1,000 lbs. can be placed on the second floor, Safes heavier than 1,000 lbs. should be installed on the ground floor. If your home has a raised foundation, you may be required to make special accommodations for the heavier safes. Be sure to consult an expert locksmith service provider to make sure you have chosen an appropriate location for safe installation.

The Bottom Line

Depending on what kind of safe you choose, you may not have a choice for its location. Home safes that are elected as floor safes need to be installed either in a room or your garage. But, if you’re using a wall safe, make sure to put it somewhere it is not very noticeable to visitors.