Top Locks on the Market Today

In order to choose which locks and keys you want, it can be helpful to study those that are currently popular. It is essential that you choose your right locks and keys in conversation with a professional locksmith, who can help everyone from homeowners to commercial industries. Here’s a guide to the top locks on the market today, from the lock installation experts here at Golden Locksmith.

Essential Locks 

Conventional deadbolts, knob locks, and smart locks are the three most popular lock types today. Deadbolts are effective at keeping doors safe but do not come modernized with new technologies. There are low-cost deadbolts, expensive deadbolts, and deadbolts that fully resist drill invasion. Single cylinder locks are used in most cases. Typically deadbolts are reasonably priced and dependable. Unfortunately, deadbolts do not have the advantage of embedded technology.

Many homes and businesses are switching over to smart locks for the convenience of distant use as well as voice activated software. Smart locks enable owners to see who uses the locks through saving of use data on top of easily locking and unlocking. Bluetooth or Wifi access is typically required to use the remote abilities of smart locks. More and more people are choosing smart locks because they are able to be used with multiple users and without keys. The main drawbacks of using this lock technology is that they typically cost much more than other options and are able to be hacked. Smart locks and deadbolts both work in different ways for different purposes, contact us to see which works for your commercial or residential properties.

Alternative Locks 

There have historically been a myriad of different lock types, on top of the three types we have mentioned. This includes: rim locks, padlocks, knob locks, lever-handle locks, among others. Padlocks are the only type of popular locks that do not need to be permanently attached to a surface. For those ensuring the safety of outside doors, deadbolts are available in different styles: Thumb-turn, single, and double. Typically the more  cylinders a deadbolt has the safer it is.

For commercial spaces with increased in and out traffic, lever handle locks are an easy option, specifically when used on inside doors. If you have a mailbox or a filing cabinet you may have seen their exclusive use of Cam locks. For businesses with glass doors for customers, Rim/mortise locks can be mounted inside the space.

For those new to locks, it may seem overwhelming to encounter such a variety of locks for different purposes. We are expert locksmiths and can help you pick the perfect guaranteed lock for any different use.