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Guarding Cars Against Theft

Criminals often target parked vehicles due to their ease of access and expensive and sellable parts. Here’s a guide to protecting and guarding your cars against crime, as prepared by the automotive locksmith experts at Golden Locksmith.

Rolling Up the Windows

Make sure to roll up the windows of your car before parking. Windows are the main points of entry for automotive criminals looking for a target. It’s a good idea to reinforce car windows in general, but even if they aren’t enforced, make sure that they are fully closed before parking – even if it’s hot out, or you consider your neighborhood to be a low crime area. You want to minimize the points of access to the interior of your vehicle to everyone outside it.

Automotive Alarms

If your car doesn’t have an alarm installed, consider purchasing and installing one. We recommend implementing a broad-security auto alarm system that works alongside anti theft devices like steering wheel locks. Alarm systems usually work alongside keyless entry key fob remotes – so that you can activate your car’s blaring panic alarm remotely or from inside the car, at a simple touch of a button. This loud alarm functions both as a deterrent to the burglar, scaring them away, and as an attention-getter that notifies people on the street or nearby authorities that something is amiss.

Automotive Maintenance Based Security

Parts of vehicles always experience wear and tear over time. These include device parts or aspects that help protect your automobile from potential crime or burglary. Part of ensuring that your car has a strong and lasting security infrastructure is ensuring that it receives regular maintenance to all of it’s systems. Key security aspects of your car include it’s key fobs, window controllers, alarm system, and lock cylinders. Make sure to perform regular upkeep on your vehicle to ensure that these items are operational.