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Guide to Car Key Problems

No one ever wants to be in a position where they can’t unlock their door or start their car, but if you find yourself in this situation contacting a technician or a professional may be your best option. Whether you have a key or a fob, there are many things that can lead to you either being locked out, or not able to start your car. Before you reach out for service, you can try and pinpoint the reasons why your car is not working.

Problems with Key Fob Battery and Key Damage

When you aren’t sure why your car door isn’t opening, a good first step to take is to check the batteries in your key fob. If it’s either dead or not fully charged, then your door may not open. The battery tends to be commonly overlooked, so by checking the state of your key fob you might be able to avoid a situation that could end up costing time and money.

Also, your key may be the reason why you can’t open your car doors. It’s common for keys to wear down and need to be replaced at some point. This isn’t really surprising considering that keys can be thrown around and dropped. But when your keys get chipped or bent, contacting a professional locksmith for replacement is the best course of action.

Internal Key Fob or Program Issues

Sometimes the electronic components in your key fob can withstand damage, which will end up causing problems. This could mean you may not be able to start the car, or get in. But sometimes it can also be issues with the programming of your fob. This could also not let you get in or start the car.

Bad Quality Key Duplication

Even if you end up seeing a professional locksmith to duplicate a key, it’s very possible for the new key not to work. If there are imperfections, you might not be able to get in your car or start the engine. This could possibly be avoided by researching a locksmith before making a visit.