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Motor Home Security Must-Haves

If you own a motorhome, chances are you’re very proud of it. Motorhome living is a unique and adventurous lifestyle associated with independence and adventure. So why wouldn’t you want to ensure that your motorhome is truly protected? Here’s a guide to some essential items for motorhome safety and security, as prepared by the residential and automotive locksmith and security experts here at Golden Locksmith Texas.

Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps discourage burglars from attempting to steal vehicles in the first place. They render your motorhome wheels unable to move, meaning that nobody can drive it while the wheel clamps are in place.

Handbrake Gear Locks

Gear locks stick your handbrake to your gearstick, adding both a deterrent and an obstacle to those who would attempt to steal your motorhome.

Steering Wheel Lock

These familiar and handy tools attach to the steering wheel of your motorhome, again, both acting as a visual deterrent and a tool that immobilize driving ability.


Almost all motorhomes sold on the market today come with alarms already attached, but if you bought your motorhome a long time ago, or bought a used model, you might consider updating your alarm in order to bolster your security. Contemporary alarms have uniquely new features including motion sensors and built in CCTV cameras.

Security Posts

Security posts are solid objects that lock standing up to the front of your motorhome, sticking it in place.

Tracking Devices

By attaching a tracking device onto your motorhome, you can make sure that it’s location is constantly trackable and monitorable. If your motorhome gets hijacked or stolen, you can track it’s movement, and hopefully retrieve it.