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Lock Rekeying Houston

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Instant Convenient Houston Rekeying Service

If you’ve misplaced or lost your keys, or if your locks aren’t functioning properly, rekeying is the ideal solution for keeping your home safe. The major benefit of lock re-keying is its ability to help you avoid changing your locks completely – instead, the inner cylinders of the locks are simply replaced with another, with a separate set of corresponding keys. The previous keys to your home that may be out floating around somewhere will be rendered obsolete and unable to open your doors, while you will receive a brand new set of keys to your home, in a simple matter of minutes.

Residential Homes Master Rekeying Houston, TX

If you want to consolidate your set of key chain that accesses drawers, closets, garages, interior rooms, and your front door, master keying is an ideal solution that will make it much easier to navigate the security of your Houston home. The process simply involves the matching replacement of the interior cylinders of all your home’s locks to match a single corresponding key pattern – allowing you to use a single key to access the full breadth of your home, greatly maximizing your organization, and minimizing the possibility of key loss that can occur when one is juggling one too many keys at once.

Residential Homes Master Rekeying


The expert technicians at Golden Locksmith TX can efficiently and professionally rekey your entire home, setting it for a master key system – so that in a simple matter of minutes, your entire home security setup will be organized and consolidated – for maximum convenience.
At Golden Locksmith Houston we are committed to providing professional and reliable service at fair prices. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded services locksmith company.

Contact Golden Locksmith Houston for advice on which lock rekeying is right for your needs or to arrange a repair. We can be reached at (281)-978-2588