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Changes in Car Door Lock and Key Technology

Throughout the century history of automobile usage, the types of keys have developed and changed. Keys were engineered to fit exactly to your far.  Today, the innovation continues, and the locks and keys have changed as well as the usage to make locks that are safer than ever before. Today, the automotive locksmith experts here at Golden Locksmith be discuss the changes in car door locks as well as entry devices so you can explore which suits you best today.  

Distant Lock Access

Cars used to require separate keys for doors, ignition, and even the trunk. This was years ago, today there is the technology to use one key for multiple functions. Remote keys were an invention that changed the way locks were used, now it is not even necessary to put the key into the cylinder. Now, you can start an alarm, pop the trunk, and unlock your vehicle, even from a distance. We even have new technologies that let us start the vehicle from a remote distance, perfect for having the engine warmed up by the time you get to your car.

Use of a Key, Without a Button

Key fobs took existing technology from distant access keys and elevated it. Many appear similar to older key fobs and have similar options of functions including locking and unlocking as well as an alarm. Where these differ is the fact that you do not even need to take the key out of your purse or press a button. Simply by having the key on your person you are able enter the vehicle and on some models you can even start the engine on your car just by having the key fob on your person.


Automatic Opening

One of the best new technologies are proximity keys, which automatically open your car based on your closeness to the vehicle, which it senses by emitting a low-level signal. As you approach your car it will unlock at a safe distance: you do not need to press a button or take the key out of your pocket.  As an additional safety measure the car will also lock itself as you walk away from the car. Once inside of the car, most have a push button to start. As long is the key is on your person, you will be able to safely and quickly get in and out of your vehicle.

We are experts in adapting to these new technologies and can help you learn how to utilize them. If any of your newer keys are having issues we can take a deep look at them and give them precise repairs as well as duplicate if needed.