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Access Control System Houston

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Access Control Installation Houston, TX

Access control allows for authorized individuals to maintain secure access through parts of your Texas business, while keeping all unauthorized individuals out. The range of access control technology includes everything from keypads that lock a particular door, to larger, networked systems that can control doors throughout more than one building. Access control systems make it much easier for you to manage your facility – eliminating the need to replace lost keys, find keys belonging to old employees, or be confused trying to figure out who can access particular areas.

Customizable Access Control Features

There’s countless ways to make your access control systems work to you, and your Texas businesses benefit. Program timing controls, to decide specifically when particular doors should lock or unlock – useful for doors that you want to be publically accessible sometimes, and only accessible to employees at other times. Track all usage, so you can monitor entrances and exits. Create a graphic template blueprint of your building to customize and change settings for various doors, create new badges for guest or employee access, and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that a battery backup will keep your doors secure even in the event of a blackout or power failure.

Access Control Installation Houston, TX

We offer a wide range of access control systems including:

– Electronic Keypads: Allowing employees and residents to end the building with a pin

– Smart Cards Access: Allow access to person with activated keycard to enter the building, including Barcode Cards, Proximity Cards, Key Fobs, Magnetic Strip Cards

– Biometric Access: – Allows access based on biometric fingerprint scanning.


If you need an access control system for your building, call Golden Locksmith Houston. Our security experts can help you with every aspect of your building’s access control. From choosing the right access control system for your property to having it professionally installed by our team of security experts we give you peace of mind knowing your building is secure.

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