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Lock Rekeying Houston

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We provide professional re-key services in Houston, Texas area. Looking to rekey your locks, our skilled locksmith team can rekey the locks for you at an affordable price.

Simple Key Replacement

Rekeying is the perfect solution for when keys are broken, lost, misplaced, or stolen. It involves the replacement of the inner lock cylinder, allowing you to reset which keys provide access to your business in Houston, effectively pressing the restart button on your commercial security. This way, you can strictly control who can enter your property – all without having to deal with replacing the entire lock fixture itself – only the inside aspects of the lock are replaced, saving you time, money, and hassle. Rekeying locks means changing internal pins of the lock, allowing a different key to make the lock open. There are several reasons for a lock to be re keyed, but to do this done as well, it will require the services of a professional locksmith.

Master Rekeying Lock Houston, TX

Master rekeying allows you to exercise precise access control location be it a office or a commercial space- it essentially consists of the Rekeying of multiple locks, each with specific keys, so that a single key can open any and all of the doors in a single location, while other keys can only open specific ones.

Master Rekeying Lock Houston, TX


This is an ideal setup for business owners that want to minimize the amount of keys that they carry around, while only allowing employees access to particular areas of the commercial enterprise at specific times. The expert technicians at Golden Locksmith TX can swiftly, efficiently, and professionally perform Master Rekeying services at your business – on call, whenever you want.

At Golden Locksmith Houston we are committed to providing professional and reliable service at fair prices. We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded services locksmith company.

Contact Golden Locksmith Houston for advice on lock rekeying is right for your needs or to arrange a repair. We can be reached at (281)-978-2588