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Deadbolt Force Resistance

Deadbolts, like all machinery, are not completely infallible. Of course, higher quality deadbolt locks offer a larger degree of security and strength than cheaper models – but even these can be susceptible to powerful tools that burglars may have in their arsenal of break-in equipment. Here’s a guide to deadbolt lock force resistance, as prepared by the lock and security experts at Golden Locksmith.

Grade 3 Deadbolts

These are the weakest deadbolts. They are made to withstand about 800,000 cycles of activation and rotation – meaning the process of throwing and retracting the locks. This means that they can be unlocked about 800,000 times before they start to degrade. In general, they are made to withstand 2 strikes of 75 pounds against it, or a single 150 pound strike. This isn’t an impossible amount of weight for a burglar to strike this deadbolt latch with, which is why they are professionally rated as some of the weakest deadbolts out there.

Grade 2 Deadbolts

These deadbolts are miles ahead of the security offered by Grade 3 deadbolts. They are mid-range considering the price and security quality of the Grade 1 and Grade 3 deadbolts on the market today. They can withstand the exact same amount of rotation cycles as a Grade 3 deadbolt – 800,000. However, they can withstand around 5 strike attempts of 75 pounds as opposed to just one. This is majorly more strike resistance offered than that offered by Grade 3 deadbolts.

Grade 1 Deadbolts

The highest professionally rated deadbolts out there, these are the highest quality deadbolts commonly available for residential door use. They are both the most expensive deadbolt option out there, but also the most effective.They are an ideal option for those who prioritize security over all else. They can withstand at least 10 strikes of 75 pounds – which is estimated as over 100 separate foot pounds. They additionally have special latch bolts that are at least 1 inch long, or longer than that. Their unique security level is, of course, increased by the use of a layered security system around them, as well as through upgrades like increasing the length of the latch bolts or set screws, or even adding a complementary Grade 2 deadbolt. However, even on their own, Grade 1 deadbolts make a fantastic security option for those who want to ensure that their residential door is made fully secure with the maximum amount of protection.