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Securing your Luggage

Having your luggage compromised when traveling can be a very stressful occurrence. A lot of common locks are not very secure, even TSA ones. Picking it isn’t very hard, and simply a pair of pliers can get them out of the way. Considering how common it is for TSA locks to be broken, investing in the security of your luggage is paramount. Here’s a guide to securing your luggage from the lock and key experts here at Golden Locksmith.

Luggage Locks aren’t very secure

Picking a lock isn’t an impossible task, and a lot of the time brute force methods are used. Even a solid padlock can be compromised if someone at the airport wants to get into it, even an employee. Considering this, adding on extra security for your luggage is important, and you should consult a professional locksmith.

Zippers and Luggage Locks

Most people put locks onto the end of their zippers, but your luggage isn’t necessarily secure as something as small as the tip of a pen can break open the zipper. Getting an anti puncture zipper can help reduce the risk of it being compromised. Also too certain hard shell luggage comes with hasps, which can add an extra layer of security.

Considering the Bag Itself

There are other things to consider besides the lock when assessing how secure your luggage is. For example, the material of your bag can just be torn open if it’s something soft like fabric. So when buying some luggage, look for ones constructed of a more solid material such as a hard shell case. Combining this with a more advanced lock system can greatly increase the security of your luggage.

Locks Bundled with your Luggage

When you buy luggage, the common locks that tend to come with them are not very secure, even if they advertise it as so. Common types of built-in locks are tubular locks, cruciform locks and detainer locks. What you should really take into account is the material they are made of, because the sturdier they are the harder they will be to break into.