Common Locks and Keys for Doors

There are a variety of different keys and locks available and making the right choice may initially seem daunting. In this brief blog entry, the residential locksmiths here at Golden Locksmith will detail some of the different kinds of lock and keys available for doors today.

Different types of Common Locks

There’s pretty much  three types of common locks available today. The oldest one out of these are Key in Knob locks. Another one is a deadbolt lock, which has a variety of options and price points. Even though they aren’t complex they are still quite effective, but aren’t as premium as the third type: smart locks. Smart locks are the newest ones out of these, and use modern technology, making them very secure. They go beyond just simply locking your door. They have other features such as logging the use entry and exit points in your home and some even an integrated camera so you can see what’s going on outside of your door. Even though these need wireless internet and/or Bluetooth and have a higher price point, you can access these on the go to make sure you’re secure no matter where you go. But there still is some risk, as they can possibly be hacked and unlocked, even from somewhere else. 

Other Locks

There’s a variety of older locks such as  lever handle locks, Cam Locks, Rim locks, wall mounted locks and padlocks. The one that stands out here would be a padlock, as it’s not attached to the wall or anything and is independent from the structure of your door. Lever handle locks are for the most part used in commercial applications, using a lever that makes them easier to use than a knob. Cam locks are usually used for cabinets and mailboxes. A rim (mortise) lock are commonly found on glass and commercial doors. (we can help you pick the right type of lock when we arrive at your property.)