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Securing your home in the summer

Everybody loves summer, burglars included. As it’s common for people to leave their home to go on vacation during this time, criminals will hop on the opportunity to burglarize homes … Continue reading

Taking Action During a Home Invasion

Home invasions are pretty much the worst case scenario for any homeowner. They can be incredibly dangerous and traumatizing – although, hopefully will pass quickly with minimal damages. It helps … Continue reading

Best Security Cameras

Security cameras add a fantastic layer of both active and passive security to any residential or commercial context, operating both as a way to monitor your property in the moment, … Continue reading

Safe Owners Tips

Owning a safe guarantees fantastic protection for valuable items – not to mention the peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are protected by a strong layer of security. … Continue reading

Best Location for Spare Keys

Here at Golden Locksmith, we are home and business lockout service experts, so we understand all the variables of strategizing placement of spare keys. Having spare keys can really be … Continue reading

Commonly forgotten Security Risks

In order to maintain really proper security protocols for your home, you have to be incredibly vigilant in maintaining constant awareness of what’s happening within your home. Yes, people are … Continue reading