Benefits of Master Key Systems

Master key systems are a fantastic solution for commercial key control and access control. By installing a master key system at your property, you can implement a greatly improved level of security over your property, staff, and assets, ensuring that only YOU, or other master key holders, can enter a secure area. There’s a great degree of flexibility offered through installation of master key systems – in this blog entry, the master keying service experts here at Golden Locksmith will describe the various practical security benefits offered by this flexibility.

Master Key Systems Provide Convenience

Having different keys for different doors in your commercial property is confusing, stressful, and can waste a ton of time. Master key systems make sure that some areas of your business – or all of them (based on your security needs) can be opened with a single key. This provides fantastic convenience, and increased safety in the event of an emergency that requires rapid egress, as it would prevent you from having to look through a bunch of keys when in a serious rush.

Master Key Systems Provide Security

Master key systems allow you to customize your hierarchy of key distribution to ensure that employees ONLY have access to areas that they REQUIRE access to, and no others. You can customize the levels of authorization for different employees based on their unique roles and security clearances. Since each single key will open ONLY the locks that it is supposed to, however keys will work on multiple locks, there will be less keys distributed among your employees, meaning that there’s less of a chance that keys will be lost or stolen.

Master Key Systems Provide Superior Control

Master key systems make it very difficult to copy keys, which makes it much easier for business owners to elicit control over keys and key holders. Restricted master key systems provide this level of control to even higher levels, as the registered design of the keys make it so only specific locksmiths can copy keys after the identity and credentials of the keyholder is verified. Master key systems allow you to keep total control and track of the number of keys you use, as well as what employees carry them. In events of break-ins or theft, you can backtrack by tracking who has access to particular areas in order to investigate.