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Are you worried for the increasing number of burglaries and petty theft in your surrounding? Or the little happenings in the night disturb you now and then? If the answered sound to be ‘yes’, then it is right time to look out for some solutions that can make your home a safe and secure place. Also, if you have already installed some security solutions, it is important to check their functioning with time. Among all the safety solutions, ‘door locks’ need to be highly secured in order to provide your home the best protection. Find out some helpful methods here;


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Step 1. Having the right door: There are a number of doors in a house, but the front and back doors are most important. As reports have proved that burglars opt for these two to enter your house. So, if you feel that they are not safe enough or hollow, it is important to get them changed. Secondly, select a solid, fire and water resistant material for your exterior doors. You can go for fiberglass, solid wood, metal or any other. Last, it is advisable to replace all the exteriors windows-doors with windowless doors. And, if there are some glass door panels or sliding glass doors, get them with solid grilles.

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Step 2. Keep them lock: The time you miss to lock your doors properly, you give invitation to the thieves around. It has been found that in a number of cases that an unlocked door has served as an entrance for the criminals. To prevent this type of activity, the exterior doors of your house need deadbolt locks and that too of high quality. Get them properly installed by professional locksmiths. Secondly, it is highly recommendable to add an additional lock for extra security. You have a brilliant option of ‘dead-locks’. The benefit of using them is that there is no external key for these locks and cannot be broken without abolishing the lock or the door.

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Step 3. Strengthen your entrance: Most of the people employ cylinders at the front door, which are easy to damage or remove. Thus, it is vital to safeguard these locks with metal guard plates or rings on both sides. You can also add the solid metal security plates instead of the low quality strike plates. It can be easily done at home or if you need professional guidance, call a locksmith!
Another thing to add here is enhancing the security of hinges. You can easily protect these hinges with double-headed masonry nails or non-removable pins.

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Step 4. Employ some ‘Peep Holes’: This may seem to be an old idea, but it works even today. ‘Viewers’ or better known as peep holes are installed in the doors to check who is on the other side of your door. With technology evaluations you can now get wide-angle viewers at eye level, making it convenient for you.
So, it is much clear now that with little efforts or professional assistance you can protect your doors from burglars easily!




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