Way Outs To Remove a Broken Key from A Lever Lock

Working with a lever lock can be bit tedious if you are not known to the procedure properly. Basically, a lever lock comes with flat metal plates which slide into place when the right key is inserted. Hence, removing a broken key from a lever can be done without much expertise. But, that never means it is an easy task. A little precision is must.

Well the method will greatly depend on the fact how much key was left in the lock. You can try the following method.

  • Work With Pliers or Needle

In this you need to use pliers to grip the broken key. Try to pull it out of the lock. For this purpose, you can use a needle too. Also, there are number of lock picking tools, which can be used in a similar manner. If the key is in right position, it will come out easily. But if it is not in the right position, with the help of the pliers try to turn it in order to pull it out. In case, the pliers don’t appear to work, go ahead with inserting a small screwdriver or plastic dental picks.

  • A Strong Magnet Can Help

Don’t have any pliers or any sort of lock picking tools? No problem! There is another solution- using a strong magnet. Yes, an electromagnet can simplify your work. It simply attracts the key out of the lock. In case, you are not able to pull the key all the way out, don’t lose the hope. As this method work enough to move it out to be pulled out with help of some other tool.

  • Try Unconventional Methods

You have that screwdriver in your garage? Well that’s great, get it and try to slide into the key hole. You can apply a small amount of tar or superglue so that when it will come in contact with the key it sticks, and then you can pull out.

Though, any of the three methods can be used, yet what if the key breaks in a bolt lock? Yes, it could be a major problem. Here what you can do is, try removing the broken key first and then ask the locksmith to make a new one, using the piece.

In the end, just remember that the keys break in locks when excessive force is applied or when the inner plates need to be cleaned and greased. In other cases, the keys get worn out and when they do not fit in the plates, make it hard to pick. Hence, the only thing you can do to prevent breaking keys in locks is don’t apply greater force and be careful when you insert the key in them.