Why you need a master key?

Well, you know about the term “Master Key”. It is a key that opens all of your locks. But, this definition quite simple and yes, it is both correct and incorrect. How? Let’s find out.
For example, you have 10 interior doors and all of the locks are keyed alike. This means your one key will open all of the 10 locks. Isn’t it? Hence, according to the first definition, this key is a “Master Key”. And surely this is not for lock and security purpose. Then what is a master key?
The better definition of master key would be that a key that open all locks under it and is on the top. Hence, now for the same 10 doors, you have 10 different keys which will open them individually, and are useless for the other lock. The single keys will not be able to open any other lock except the one it is made for. However, the master key you have besides the 10 key is able to open all the locks. You can use the master keys to gain access to an entire property, even if it employs different locks for different areas.
Now, when you are clear with the concept of master keys, here are some more reasons to illustrate their use in daily life. Have a look:

  1. Sorted work: The biggest problem with the keys is that it is hard to manage them. Especially, when they are more in number. With a master key you don’t need to fumble through several keys to access the areas of your commercial or residential property. So, you can sort out your work just with help of one key


  1. Easy and safe access: It simplifies your work, but that’s not the only benefit. Master key provides you with controlled access. Yes, it allows only the specified people access to the defined areas of your building. You property is secured now!


  1. Prevents key loss and damage: Lost your key again? This is not new thing. However, if you have a master key for your building the risk of keys getting lost, duplicated or stolen over and over again reduced up to a great extent. The reason being, with help of master key, there is less circulating of keys, which greatly minimized the chances of thefts and put a stop to miscreants to gain an unauthorized access.


  1. Emergency solution: As stated above, losing keys or getting locked out is a common situation. But when you have master keys, you don’t need to worry. They are excellent tools to manage such urgent situations.


  1. Life saver: In case there is a fire in the building and an employee stuck inside a locked room, the condition gets worse if you misplace the key or lose it. However, if you have a master key it helps you to save lives and to protect the important assets. It simply helps to gain access to the areas much faster.


In all, it adds convenience and allows you to have one key offering access to the entire property, that too without labeling or carrying those dozens of keys along.