Steps to Take After a Break-In

Commercial break-ins are no joke. They need to be handled with a swift hand and laser-sharp attention if you and your property are unfortunate enough to experience this shamefully common criminal action. In this blog entry, the residential and commercial security experts here at Golden Locksmith will detail the essential steps to take ASAP if your property has experienced a break-in.

  1. Contact Police

No matter the time the break-in happened, as soon as you find out, contact the police to ensure they are able to inspect the building before you or any of your employees enter it.

  1. Fix Doors, Locks, and Windows

Make sure to repair any windows, locks, or doors that may have been damaged during the burglary. This is a MUST in order to prevent any further break-ins.

  1. Analyze what Happened

Try to find security camera footage of the break-in. Try to find out when the burglary occurred, and come up with a description of the criminal.

  1. Object Inventory

Try to make a list of what was stolen and it’s cost.

  1. File a Report

File an incident report with the police.

  1. Contact Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company and provide them with a copy of the incidence report with any information about what was stolen or damaged.

  1. Security Updates

Make sure to update your security system and implement a stronger security plan. We recommend contacting the experts here at Golden Locksmith to come up with an analysis of your property’s vulnerabilities in order to figure out the best way to bolster and beef up your security.