Key Tips for CCTV Camera Placement

CCTV security cameras are one of the best ways to secure your residential or commercial property, as they help deter criminals and even give the authorities a higher chance of catching criminals if there is in fact a break-in that occurs. However, it’s essential that CCTV cameras get placed in the proper area of your home or business if you want them to be effective at all. In this blog post, the residential security and commercial security experts here at Golden Locksmith will detail some key tips for CCTV camera installation placement.

Front Door CCTV Camera Installation

Make sure to install CCTV careams by your front door, so full coverage of the door is captured. 1/3rd of burglars come in through the front door, so it’s essential that your security camera is monitoring this area. We recommend installing the camera on the second level facing down the front door if possible, so it’s harder for the camera to be potentially tampered with. If you don’t have a second level, make sure to purchase an enclosed security camera.

Back Door Security Camera Installation

If a burglar can’t enter or break in through the front door, they will try to break in through the backdoor. Back doors are commonly left unlocked, making them a popular choice for crafty burglars. Make sure to install a CCTV camera to fully cover your back door for maximum security.

Street Facing Window CCTV Camera Installation

Make sure to install CCTV security cameras by street facing windows to watch them. Sometimes, based on the layout of your property, cameras facing your backdoor can be positioned so they also capture street facing windows – this is an ideal cost-cutting compromise if possible. There should be other actions taken – like window lock installation – to increase the security of these windows.

Garage Security Camera Installation

Garages are underrated areas through which burglars like to enter your property. Garages are also often left unsecured, and especially if they contain an inner door to your property, can quickly become a dangerous entry area for criminals. Make sure to install a high quality CCTV security camera to watch the various entry positions of your garage.

Basement Security Camera Installation

Make sure to position a security camera outside your basement if there’s basement windows to the outside of your house. While less popular than front and back door burglary entrances, basement burglary entrances DO occur. Furthermore, just as with back door security cameras ability to also watch some street facing windows, you can position a security camera to monitor first floor windows and/or backdoors TOGETHER with your basement entrance.

The security professionals here at Golden Locksmith can help ensure that you have high quality security cameras installed to protect all of your assets.