Commonly forgotten Security Risks

In order to maintain really proper security protocols for your home, you have to be incredibly vigilant in maintaining constant awareness of what’s happening within your home. Yes, people are usually aware of the importance of locking all the doors in your house – but they might not be aware of how important other security risks are. There’s tons of incredibly important and valuable aspects of home security that people forget – and in forgetting, put their homes at risk. Here’s Golden Locksmith’s guide to the most commonly forgotten security risks out there.


Personal Papers

Documents including birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, bank statements, property titles, and any social security information needs to be secured. If they get stolen, your personal information will be out there at the disposal of who-knows-who, putting you at risk for identity theft.


Hard Drives

Backup hard drives are a godsend in this day and age, providing supreme peace of mind to those with important documents, information, or business housed on their computers. Regardless of their fail-safe applications, they are still relatively small, light, and easy to steal – and if they get stolen, not only do you no longer have access to your vital information – but you don’t know who will suddenly enjoy complete access to your personal files – again, putting you at risk for identity theft, not to mention the stress of having to re-backup your documents and purchase another expensive hard drive.



Guns need to be secured, not only for the safety of your own household, but for anybody in the vicinity of your home. It shouldn’t be necessary to describe the potential risks involved in a burglar gaining access to a firearm within your home, for yourself or others, so make sure to protect your guns inside a secure and strong gun safe.



It’s important to secure prescription and over-the-counter medication because they can be incredibly harmful in the wrong hands. Children and pets can easily mistake medication for candy or food with unintended drastic consequences. If you currently have any medication that has value on the black market, burglars can potentially steal and resell it – so make sure that all medication inside your house is completely secured in lockboxes.



This should be obvious. Most burglars go straight for the jewelry in the master bedroom as soon as they break into the home. Jewelry is known as having high resale values that don’t depreciate based on market fluctuation – gold is always valuable, to put it straight. The best way to protect your jewelry or valuable heirlooms is to make sure that they are fully secure inside a strong safe.


Mechanical Tools

Power tools can be resold for a high value, and they are fairly easy to grab for burglars, as they aren’t usually strongly secured. Make sure to protect power tools behind a securely deadbolted garage door – you don’t need to go over the top and keep all power tools inside safes, but it certainly helps protect your property to keep your garage door secure,