Front Yard Security Measures

Most people would agree that their front yard doesn’t seem quite as secure as other areas of the home. This is true – it by it’s nature, is a liminal space, and maintains aesthetic appeal by not being wired off. However, there’s many psychological tactics homeowners can employ to make their front yard more secure. Here’s Golden Locksmith Houston tips.


A picket fence will create fantastic curb appeal, and clearly delineates property lines. Of course, it can be easily bypassed, but any burglar won’t want to be spotted climbing over a fence, since it will look so suspicious.

 Focused Landscaping

Plant a path of bushes or flowers along the path to your front door, in order to strategically create a ‘no walk’ zone in front of your home. We encourage the planting of roses or other thorned plants by ground floor windows, as they will be an excellent deterrent for anybody thinking of using those windows to break into your home – plus they’re beautiful! 


Use bright lighting at night to automatically illuminate your front door, porch, or any hidden areas on the ground level of your home. We recommend using automatically activating smart lights that will turn on when motion is detected; this can startle any intruder, and encourage them to get out of there quickly. These systems can work on a timer so they automatically turn on when the sun sets.

Prominent Home Security Signage

Make sure to display your home security system prominently. If you use CCTV cameras, make them visible, and make sure whatever home security system you sue, that you get a plethora of signs from them to outwardly display on your property to send the message to any potential burglar that you mean serious business.