Guide to Key Duplication

There’s many benefits that can be provided to residential and commercial property owners through making a spare key. In this blog entry, the expert locksmiths here at Golden Locksmith will detail some of the main reasons to create backup keys, as well as some background on the key duplication processes which we provide.

Reasons to Create Backup Keys

It is important for each member of a household to have separate keys. Additionally, spare keys can prove to be essential, especially in the hands of a good friend or neighbor. Here are some reasons:

  • Don’t Be Stuck Outside: The most common reason people need a locksmith is because they have lost their key and cannot enter their residence. If they had made an additional key and given it to a neighbor or friend or placed it in a secret spot they would not need the services of a locksmith.
  • Entry for All: When everyone has a key in your household, everyone can enter! This saves a lot of hassle as well as annoyance in having to be home to let someone end.
  • No Worries: There is an emotional security that comes from knowing there is a spare key somewhere around your house. 
  • Makes Losing a Key Easier: If you have a spare and lose your key, a locksmith can make a replacement fast and it is much cheaper than the locksmith trying to replace a key without the original. 
  • Help Your Wallet: By having easy access to a spare key, you wont need to call an emergency locksmith. Getting locked out eventually happens to everyone. Don’t make this emergency cause a dent to your finances.

How To Copy Keys

As professional and certified locksmiths, we have copied almost every key and know exactly how to help you. From this experience, we have for,ed some essential advice: 

  • Find Someone You Trust: Locksmiths differ in experience, cost, and trustworthiness. Some take advantage of a need to exploit. Choose someone who knows the business and is insured.
  • Keep Your Key Private: No need to announce to the world where your spare key is. You never know who might take advantage of this information.
  • Don’t Be Obvious: Many seem to think that rock near the front door is the perfect spot for a spare key, instead this is the most obvious tip off for a robber.  Find a good, hard to locate spot for your key to keep yourself safe. 

If you need a spare key or advice on how to keep you home safe, contact us. We can give you advice from years of experience and help keep you and your family safe.