Home Security and Burglary Prevention

Burglaries can be very stressful and traumatizing, whether it’s losing valuable property or being face to face with danger. Common times when burglars commit these crimes are from 10am to 3pm, times that you may be outside. For example you could be running errands or going to work, and that would be the queue for a burglar to make an attempt. But there are many things you can do or take into consideration to greatly reduce your chances and possibly prevent a burglary from happening to you; here’s a guide to burglary prevention from Golden Locksmith.

Knowing How Burglars Pick Their Target

Usually burglars will look over their targets before the crime is committed. They tend to survey certain things, such as where your cameras are, or the lack thereof. Common ways for burglars to gain entry are through unlocked front doors, back doors or windows on the first floor. Unlocked doors tend to be a big vulnerability, which can allow a burglar to gain access to your home. These criminals also take into consideration whether or not the residents are around, for example going away for a vacation, or leaving the house to go to work. But you would be surprised who’s considering your home, as up to two thirds of victims have some connection to the burglars, directly or indirectly.

An argument for home security

It’s very possible for a burglar to come back into someone’s home after an initial burglary. They could suspect the owners of the property have insurance, or they might want to go back to get something that’s more valuable. If they’re already aware of a vulnerability, they might try their luck again. Considering this, it’s a good idea to either get or upgrade security, as you might have to deal with a burglary more than once.

Precautions to Take

There are some ways you can make your home way less of an easy target for criminals and burglars. Locking your windows and doors is very important, very much so when you’re out and about. Getting deadbolt locks can help prevent break-ins with use of brute force. Alarm systems, loud dogs and present neighbors can also help prevent your home from being a target. Another very effective tactic against burglars is installing motion lights along with your home security. If you combine all of these, you can make your home a lot less of a target.