Never Lose Keys Again with these Essential Tips!

Keys are one of the most common things lost. Some people seem to lose their keys everyday, others keep their possessions who they are. But, all people at some point lose their keys. Studies have shown that people take at least an hour a week to look for things they have lost. To prevent creating an emergency and having to call a locksmith to help you, here are some ways to remember where you have put your keys as prepared  by the lock and key experts here at Golden Locksmith!

Repetition Makes Easy Remembering 

If your keys are always in the same spot, you will be able to find them quickly and easily. Installing a key rack or hook by your door can help you remember as soon as you walk in the front door to put your key in the same spot. 

Dumb Keychains are Easy to Spot!

One individual key can be almost impossible to find, instead buy the biggest most ridiculous key chain so you can find it easily in a big bag or elsewhere. If you are managing many different keys, perhaps buy a small bag or fanny pack to store all your keys. 

Find a Sneaky Spot

Hiding a key can work in an emergency, but don’t make a common mistake many make by hiding the key somewhere obvious like underneath the welcome mat. Hide your key behind your house or somewhere only you would know about.