Securing your home in the summer

Everybody loves summer, burglars included. As it’s common for people to leave their home to go on vacation during this time, criminals will hop on the opportunity to burglarize homes when the residents are away. Don’t cancel your plans just yet; in this blog entry, the residential security experts here at Golden Locksmith will provide some detail as to some great ways that you can secure your home in the Summer.

Installing or Upgrading Security Systems

Upgrading your security as a whole can possibly deter your home from being a target to a thief. Repairing or upgrading  your deadbolts is essential, and installing audible alarms can reduce the odds of a successful burglary. Newer security systems allow you to check on the status of your home remotely, with a simple app on your phone. This allows you to still have a grip on the security of your home when you’re out of town, or even out of the country.

Stopping Mail

Something that can be a giveaway sign that you’re not home to a burglar is mail piling up. When a burglar sees this, they can infer that you’re away from the residence which can prompt them to start planning out a burglary. To prevent this from happening, a good course of action to take is to suspend your mail from being delivered if you’re going to be away from your home.

Having Pets or a House Sitter

When you go on a vacation, keeping your dog at home is a good idea. They can bark, which pretty much can either alert a neighbor or stop the potential burglar in his tracks. Also too you can have a close friend or someone in your family stay at your house when you’re not there long term. But make sure to tell your neighbors. Having secrecy about your plans can be important too. If you post pictures and your travel plans publicly on social media, it can make yourself a target as people know you’re not at home. You can still share your adventures, but make sure to do it when you’re back home.

Lawn Maintenance

When you’re leaving for a bit, you should consider hiring a lawn service. Similar to how a pile of mail can signal that you’re away from the house, an unkempt lawn is a telltale sign as well. What you can do to potentially combat this though is to have a vehicle parked in your driveway, which can create an illusion that you’re still around. Traveling or not, taking these ideas into consideration can improve the safety of your home.