Taking Action During a Home Invasion

Home invasions are pretty much the worst case scenario for any homeowner. They can be incredibly dangerous and traumatizing – although, hopefully will pass quickly with minimal damages. It helps to be prepared, and have a strong security infrastructure already in place. Here’s a guide to taking action during a home invasion, as prepared by the security experts at Golden Locksmith.

Smartly Contact Authorities

Understand in advance which authorities you should reach out to in the event of a home invasion. First of all, try to find a quiet place in the property and reach out to the police, and let them know your address first thing, as quietly as you can. If your property has an on-site security guard, we’d recommend contacting them as well, as they might be able to arrive before the police do. Make sure to turn the ringer on your phone off, so as not to accidentally notify the burglar as to your location in the house.

Gather Tools for Self Defense

If you can activate a loud alarm system, do so, as it might scare away the burglar into leaving. Otherwise, gather items that you can use to defend yourself if need be. These include any and all firearms, pepper spray, tactical pens, or knives. A baseball bat is a fantastic option, as it allows you do do damage without having to get too close. Of course, you should avoid physical contact with the criminal as much as possible, but it’s important to gather these tools to defend yourself if you are attacked.


This might seem cowardly, but it’s actually integral for your safety during a burglary. While you may feel the need to rush in and defend your property, you never know if a burglar is armed, or how crazy and aggressive they may be. In the event of a burglary, we stress the importance of finding a safe and secure place to hide and wait it out. If you have an accessible panic room, or room in your house that locks from the inside, or even a large obstructing piece of furniture, we recommend hiding in these places – with the panic room being the most preferable. If you can find a place to hide quickly, we recommend calling the authorities from this location.