Ways For You to Secure your Motorcycle

Unfortunately, your motorcycle may be more of a target than your car. A motorcycle is smaller than cars and other motor vehicles, which can make it more susceptible to being stolen as it’s easier labor-wise. But when you understand this risk, you can take extra steps to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. 

Use Intricate Security Systems

One of the most popular lock systems are disc locks. Even though they are quite popular, they can be quite easy for some thieves to get into. Locks won’t necessarily stop your motorcycle from being stolen. It’s possible for a potential thief to lift the bike into a vehicle such as a truck and drive off with it. This can be prevented by the installation of an alarm system along with chain and disc locks.

Be Aware When Parking 

People who find the safety of their motorcycle important should be cognizant when finding a place to park your bike. Thieves are opportunists, taking advantage of bikes that are parked in quiet places so not a lot of people will be able to see what they are doing. To prevent this, you can park it in places that are well lit and have surveillance cameras. When you do this, it creates a risk for the thief to be identified, which could deter your bike from being stolen.

Smartwater System

The Smartwater tagging system can help prevent your bike from being successfully stolen. To do this, it uses a unique liquid solution for your bike with an identifiable code. This dries quickly, and can be traced by using UV (ultraviolet) light.

Install GPS

Having GPS tracking on your bike can help it be recovered and tracked in case something happens to it. Some systems can even disable the bike ignition, such as an immobilizer. Another preventative step you can take is when you’re at home is to park the bike in your garage. Pairing this with ground anchors, makes the odds of your bike being stolen next to impossible when you’re out and about.