Best Location for Spare Keys

Here at Golden Locksmith, we are home and business lockout service experts, so we understand all the variables of strategizing placement of spare keys. Having spare keys can really be a godsend in many situations, effectively rescuing you from lockouts of all sorts. Here’s a brief guide to the best places to leave spare keys.

Give them to a trusted friend or neighbor

The best place to leave a spare key is with somebody that you know and trust. Neighbors are a good idea, but so are friends or family members that are available nearby. Only give your spare key to somebody that you trust won’t lose it and who you could easily contact in an emergency and who will answer their cell phone. This ensures that you will get the key as quickly as possible.

Keep them in your Purse or wallet

Usually keys are lost when they simply fall out of a pocket, are left somewhere, or are locked inside. But if you always have a spare key available in your purse or wallet, it’s no problem at all. You can always easily access your home when you do – but make sure to have another spare key somewhere else in case you lose your purse or wallet with the spare key – and if you do, and your purse or wallet also contains ID info with your address on it, contact a licensed lock change expert to have your locks changed.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety deposit boxes held in a bank may not be the most easy to access if you’re locked outside of your house, but at least by holding a spare key in one you know that you have a spare one on hand that you can access if you need to. Ideally look for a bank that’s a walkable distance from your house, or a short trip on public transportation so that you can conveniently pick up the key when you need to.

Hidden Spots near your Home or Car

You might want to choose a specific and very well camouflaged location to hide a spare key with – just don’t hide one under the mat, over the door frame, or in any rocks or plants by your front stairs as these are all obvious spots for thieves. We recommend the use of magnetic lock boxes for cars. Get creative with ideas for hiding spots – the point is to use spots burglars won’t be able to think of.

Calling a Locksmith

Keep the phone number for an experienced licensed locksmith like those on the team at Golden Locksmith on hand. This is the fastest and easiest fix for any sort of lost key or lockout scenario- lock experts will instantly and safely restore your access to your property so that you can retrieve your key, and/or furnish you a brand new working key on the spot.