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Common Locks and Keys for Doors

There are a variety of different keys and locks available and making the right choice may initially seem daunting. In this brief blog entry, the residential locksmiths here at Golden … Continue reading

Securing your Luggage

Having your luggage compromised when traveling can be a very stressful occurrence. A lot of common locks are not very secure, even TSA ones. Picking it isn’t very hard, and … Continue reading

Securing your home in the summer

Everybody loves summer, burglars included. As it’s common for people to leave their home to go on vacation during this time, criminals will hop on the opportunity to burglarize homes … Continue reading

Burglar Deterrent Tips

It’s often forgotten by the public that burglars are people, as opposed to a faceless threat. While this should come as a relief to many, meaning that burglars are susceptible … Continue reading