Antimicrobial Door Hardware

During these strange says of the COVID-19 pandemic, many home and business owners are interested in antimicrobial and antibacterial doorknobs and locks to help prevent the spread of disease. In this blog entry, the expert residential and commercial locksmith team here at Golden Locksmith will detail this kind of hardware.

Brass and Copper Door Knobs

Brass, copper, silver, and bronze eliminate viruses by themselves within hours due to their natural antimicrobial properties. Back in the 1800s,  it was estimated that hospital clinics that utilized brass doorknobs had lower death rates – which is why hospitals around the world use copper, brass, and bronze for door hardware. If you can’t afford low / no touch door opening hardware, it’s a great idea to install copper or brass door bars that allow you to open doors with your elbow – and have less of a chance of harboring germs due to the antimicrobial properties mentioned above!

Germ Repellent Door Knobs

There are door knobs available in the industry market – many made by Schlage or Kwikset – that are coated with a unique IFS silver antimicrobial material. It’s estimated that bacteria can double their population every 20 minutes on a surface. This can easily occur on high touch surfaces, especially those that are cleaned less frequently. If microbes cannot easily grow on a surface, they die quicker, and don’t have exponential growth. This technology protects better against bacteria than the virus that causes COVID-19, however, it’s still a good idea.

The door installation expert here at Golden Locksmith can easily outfit your business with high quality brass or copper door knobs that help lower the risk of germ transmission through touching your door hardware!