The Importance Of Rekeying Your Home

People can rekey their home for a variety of reasons. For example you could move into a new place, lose a key or have passed your key onto someone who you are not on good terms with anymore. Considering you might not know who your key is in the hands of, rekeying your home is an important step to take to make sure your property is secure. Here’s a guide to the importance of rekeying your home from the residential lock and key experts here at Golden Locksmith

When Moving into a New Home

Since moving into a new place can be so complicated, security tends to be overlooked. You can never know if your landlord or owner has given out keys to other people who don’t live there anymore, and even a contractor or a cleaner. Even though you might not know, you should still take that possibility into account and consider rekeying your locks. Security should be taken into account, because it may put your possessions and family at risk. 

Considering Who Else Has Had your Keys

The only people who should have access to your keys are you, or other members of your household. Sometimes you may have given keys to someone who you aren’t on good terms with, maybe an old relationship. If you put your keys in a bunch with other ones, who knows who you may have passed it onto, for example if you have given the wrong key to a valet. Considering the odds or not, having your keys in the possession of someone else is not a good risk to take.